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always next to me. you. us

it’s always by our side. now. then. and forever

it never leaves us alone. it’s always watching. taking care of us

It has its own dark times, just as we do too, right? It is infinitely variable. The same every second but different. Momentary. So where exactly is the beginning of the moon? Where is the end of my existence? Are we different, self-directed nouns, or are we one perfection that cannot exist without the other? It is always by my side, guiding me through my worst times and being next to the best ones. As I do to him. Day after day I am here. Watching. Taking care of it. Here. Under the sky. Trustworthy and naked. Vulnerable. And yet so self-sufficient. Human. So easily affected by the change, I am defeated by the blackness of the world.


My gaze is stuck in the ground, my shoulders shaking in the confusion of the new world order. I no longer know who I am, how to live and how to be. I am oppressed by this darkness, this blackness suffocates me. I am dying. But you show yourself to me again every day. I am enchanted by your splendor and now I am recovering. Recovering by your endless shades of ‘moon’.

Now I know …I will live! Forever. As long as you do though.


How different is the moon itself, so variable are the rings created by RO STUDIO called ‘The Moon’. Pure sterling silver symbiosis play with radiant tombac. A flirty play between polished and matte material. And an eye-catching glass moon that is created in the sand casted glass technique by BAIBA GLASS.

the moon-silver ring with glass hemisphere (1)

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