‘I remember observing and admiring wonders of Nature since the time of my childhood. 

The dew is reminiscent of water pearls to me, which allows me to adore them without touching otherwise they will disappear. The phenomenon of fog seemed especially mysterious – realising yourself as part of the moment when the breath of Earth surrounds you…

I guess these and other phenomena teach us respectfulness towards Nature and Universe.


On the other hand I’ve been fascinated by the smoothness and transparency of glass and I think that clear glass has one of the best tactile qualities which distinguishes it from other materials.

When I am creating my art I have feeling that the glass is alive and lives its majestic life through changing shine of light.


Glass will always be more than just a material to express myself, it is a ‘synthesis of creation’  between human and this versatile material.


Baiba Dzenite is an established glass artist, designer and founder of the brand BAIBA GLASS.
Her home decor collections Calm, Celestial and Coelus are designed in the style of Classic Minimalism. She specialises in hot glass techniques and glass tinting that elicits a vision of 'painting in glass' .

A graduate of the AAL with bachelor's and master's degrees in Glass Art, she has developed her own unique hot glass techniques, expressed in collectable glass art objects. Baiba has expanded her knowledge and experience through her work in hot glass studios in the Baltic States, Czech Republic and Japan.