CALM Small Vase


This small blown glass vase creates fascinating optical effects in various lighting situations. A delicate white line and a unique imprint  on  the vase’s bottom recreates Nature’s Phenomena of fog and dew. Each piece is handcrafted from thick crystal clear glass and differs slightly in size and thickness.




Just to mention:

Dimensions : H12 cm, D10 cm | Weight 1,5 kg
Slight variation from the item pictured must be expected as each item is handcrafted and unique.
Each item is engraved with a year and artist’s signature.
The product is made to order:  4-8 weeks. For estimated delivery time or any other questions regarding the item, please contact:[email protected]




Collection Calm

Inspired by two phenomena that happens in nature fog & dew. The collection offers a set of four uniquely formed vases and a sophisticated bowl & tray for your home décor. Each object is made from free formed mouth-blown glass that reveals the plasticity and brilliant shine of the glass through special imprints, where the glass once touched metal. Antique Latvian linen craft-tool was used to achieve this imprint. BAIBA GLASS home decors are handcrafted in the Baltic’s to represent local glass traditions in a contemporary way.

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